Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood Composter Review

Composting is a modern way of handling garbage. What was normally heading for the land-fills from our kitchens is now being decomposed in special bins and tumblers to produce toxin free, nutrient rich top soil or fertilizer. For an average family with access to a backyard, the Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood composter is an ideal companion in your composting journey. From maize cobs, leafy greens, egg shells and other peelings, this composter produces high grade manure. Whether it’s for your flower bed or for your kitchen garden, show your green thumb by purchasing this cedar wood composter.

Structure and assembly

Greenes Fences RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood Composter

This is an-out door composter and comes in a set comprising of 4 posts, 48 spacers and 28 boards. The posts and boards are made from cedar wood grown in North America. The cedar wood is treated to make it rot and insect resistant.

The pieces are very easy to assemble and just require a rubber mallet to knock them together. Place the four posts in a square shape to form the corners. Slide the boards in the corner posts to act as the sides and place the spacers between them. You can opt to leave one of the sides without spacers to allow for easier access to the manure.

The open design of the Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood Composter makes it very easy to fill or empty the bin. Large chunks can fit easily so can pitch-forks for turning or shovels for scooping the manure. The spacing on the sides allow for proper aeration of the compost. They also double up as passage ways for rain or drainage for any excess water.

In-case you need to compost more, the simple yet ingenious design of inter-locking the side boards allows for easy extensions. The Greenes Fence company offers add on kits consisting of 2 posts, 36 spacers and 21 boards that can be purchased separately. Opt for one or two extra kits to complement the first one. You can move one batch of already decomposed matter to an add-on and start a fresh batch in the first bin. This ensures there is a seamless flow of organic fertilizer all year long.

Great size

Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood Composter

The Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood Composter measures an impressive 36 inches in both length and width and has a height of 31 inches. With this size, the composter has a capacity of well over 170 gallons. This is a large amount of waste to recycle and the fertilizer yielded is equally as impressive. This composter is therefore a good idea for a small family that dumps a reasonable amount regularly. It is also great for constant gardening of a fairly large flower bed or kitchen garden.

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  • The Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 cedar wood composter is very easy to assemble and does not require heavy tools to do it.
  • The bins open design is ideal for efficient filling or emptying of the bin. It also offers enough room to turn the mixture.
  • Cedar wood is very sturdy making this compost bin very durable. It can withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions.
  • The composter has a large volume. It helps recycle a huge load of crap, producing a bulky load of manure at once.
  • The add-on kits are very handy. They allow for a continuous production of fertilizer or for easy expansion of the composter to allow for heavier production.
  • It is easy to maintain this composter. All you have to do is turn the mixture once per one or two weeks.


Despite all its enticing attributes, there are a few short comings with the Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 cedar wood composter. Here are some of the demerits of this composter.

  • It is slow and consumes a lot of time. Its big size and openness makes it take around 3 to 6 months to produce a batch of manure. Compared to other composters in the market, this is too long.
  • The composter is not easily portable. It cannot be moved around and it stays fixed on one corner of your yard.
  • It does not have a lid or closed sides and lets a lot of stench out.
  • It’s quite big and is not easy to hide, especially if you entertain guests in your back yard.
  • It does not have a feature to help you collect the nutrient rich compost tea produced during decomposition.
  • Its openness makes it a safety risk for children and pets. It also allows for insects and rodents to come into contact with your compost.
  • The wooden sides are a bit too thin and do sometimes break during the assembly process. Their interfaces can also prove difficult when sliding them in together and may require sanding.
  • Cannot be used in an urban or densely populated area.
  • The corner posts are cot fixed to the ground and this composter can be susceptible to strong winds.

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Bio friendly and durable

Greenes Fences RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood Composter

The Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 cedar wood composter helps greatly in saving the ozone layer as well as the environment. It does so by transforming garbage that was headed to land-fills into naturally decomposed organic fertilizer. It’s free from harmful chemicals and ideal for use with edibles. If used for farming it produces healthier foods that are rich in nutrients and better for human consumption.

It takes the RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood composter from three to almost a year to produce a batch of manure. The results vary according to:

  • How often you turn the mixture.
  • How well you balance the ingredients required for decomposition.
  • The size of the heap in the bin.
  • The weather or climatic conditions of a region.


A Final Word

The Greenes Fences RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood composter is available online and in a host of different retailing outlets all over. The retail outlets offer different prices, warranties, after sale services, delivery and payment options in a bid to outdo each other. Take your time to pick out the deal that is best suited for you as you embark on your composting journey.

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The Greenes Fences RCCOMP36 Cedar Wood composter is not for everyone. Its bare bones method of composting, and the length of time it takes to create usable compost, may have you considering other alternatives. But nonetheless, it is a durable and solidly built product.

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