Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO Review

The Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO is a must have for the weekend or urban gardener. This Good ideas composter assists you produce nutrient-rich manure that your plants will love. Getting started with this composter is so easy. Look for a sunlit spot for your compost tumbler and wheeled base. Add the humus material to the composter and start rotating it.

The exceptional shape of the soil machine chamber promotes aeration and agitation of the composter contents. This causes adequate moisture and oxygen be equally circulated and reduces the time for composting.

Easy to use

Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO

The Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO composter holds 7 cubic feet of humus in the tumbler. The composter has additional space of 5 gallons for accumulation of compost tea at the base. Whereas you can use manure as a soil alternative or add to your soil, compost tea is a better supplement to water your outdoor and indoor plants.

The handles of this stunning composter are refined for a better grip when rotating the composter. It is easier to put in large ingredients into the tumbler thanks to the 12-inch large lid and secure litter from pouring out while rotating the container. The large lid can also be used as an extra spinning handle for easy mixing. The tumbler is rugged and strong, yet absolutely safe for children and pets.

The lid is used as a deterrent to both pets and people while keeping the compost and heat in the tumbler. This composter produces rich humus without much effort. This composter is much suited for the urban lawn. The composter is designed in a compact model, which does not affect its functions.

Assembling the Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO

Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO

Installation of the Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO is easy. Identify a location that has lots of sunshine during daytime. In case you reside in a hot climate area a partial shade is recommended. The ideal composting temperatures are between  49 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius inside the container.

Place the compost bin’s base on a straight surface ground area. Setup the drum’s top so that the drum’s tracks align with the wheels. Open the lid and empty in the organic waste material. It is recommended not to fill the composter completely but 2/3 of the bin is fine. Wait till the current batch is ready before you add new contents or start a new batch.

Rotate the composter once a week for maximum aeration. For better results spin the composter daily. Your humus is ready when it’s crumbly and dark and is producing compost tea. Use compost as potting soil, mulch or like fertilizer.

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Using the Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO

The Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO is a great companion in creating humus and compost tea at the same period. It comes with a jet for collection of tea which must be fitted at the base. You can either direct the liquid to flow into a collection container or directly to your garden.

The compost bin does not attract vermin in your backyard since there is no opening towards the ground. The composter comes into two parts which are ready to use and easier to assemble. You will spend more time creating high quality humus and less time assembling and maintaining.

In case your area has low currents of air, it is advisable to drill more holes to improve aeration of your humus. The dark colour of the composter ensures the heat from the sun keeps it hot, which is a necessity for decomposition. The tumbler bucket is built to withstand high winds due to the low profile design. It is also out of sight – which prevents disturbance of the composting process. Removing the ready compost is easy, just tumble the composter and remove the contents in your backyard.

Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO

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  • Heat energy production – The dark colour of the composter absorbs heat and converts it to heat. This maximizes humus development since the interior of the tumbler is hot.
  • Produce compost tea – This composter can produce 5 gallons of tea to irrigate your backyard. This feeds your plant and controls diseases and pests. The compost tea also restores your soil’s PH levels.
  • Fully assembled – The Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO comes in two ready to fix main parts. You do not have to struggle too much to put it together. Simply connect the top and the base and drape Teflon around the jet threads and you are ready to go.
  • Rotating barrel – This composter removes the need for more manual work while turning the compost by using a shovel. Simply use the handles to pull the barrel away and towards you for some time to mix the humus inside.


  • Difficulty in turning – As the waste fills up the tumbler the barrel can be difficult to rotate. In this case a shovel is needed to maximize aeration.
  • This Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO has a small opening which does not allow you to fill the compost bin with large items such as twigs and branches.
  • Humus is not easily removable from this compost bin due to the small 12 inch diameter opening. Smaller shovels are needed while removing the compost soil.
  • The compost bin has a large footprint. Its horizontal built is not as dense as some vertical compost bins.
  • It is not great for people in living in very cold regions or small spaces.


A Final Word

The Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO is a sustainable and affordable solution for your kitchen waste, especially if you are an environmentally conscious homeowner. It is constructed to assist you recycle and reuse kitchen waste. Organic compost is a healthy way to feed your kitchen garden while saving cost. You only need to mix the ingredients and spin the composter a few times a week for better results. This composter is made of recycled 100% black polyethylene substance.

Ready compost is available for use in 30 – 45 days using the Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO. It gives you immense ability to produce your own fertilizer and soil on your lawn. Through this composter,you are able to create an ideal environment for microbes around and in your backyard.

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The Good Ideas Soil Machine PRO is an affordable and unique solution for your composting needs.

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