Types of Compost Bins

There are several types of compost bins available in the market for your own use at home. There is a solution out there that matches your needs and will work out for your situation, even if you may have limitations like not having enough space.

Compost bins are made in all kinds of sizes, all sorts of styles, and are sold at different prices. They’re all there for you to choose the option that best suits your home and matches with your home decor – while at the same time remaining very effective.

Indoor Compost Bins

Indoor compost types are those that you can fit comfortably inside your own home; they are usually shaped like your regular household garbage bin.

One type of indoor compost bin is the full circle, fresh air, countertop compost collector. Its one of a kind design allows the maximum amount of air flow to come into the compost bin and reach the kitchen waste collected inside. This maximized air flow will help the scraps dry at a much faster rate, and will block any unwanted liquid to accumulate at the bottom surface. This leads to less smells emanating from the compost bin, less flies going up to the bin, and less cleaning up to do. This compost bin opens up instantly with one push of a button, so you can make use of it very conveniently with only one hand. It’s made from recycled plastic and steel, two eco-friendly materials.

Another type of indoor compost bin type is the Norpro cermanic compost keeper. Designed with the eternal, signature, and classic kitchen look, this compost bin matches any and all kinds of home decor. Adding on a charcoal filter on the lid will block any smells from going out of the bin.

Outdoor Compost Bins

The most common type of outdoor compost bin is the compost tumbler – an amazing choice for people who have a spacious yard, and for small- to medium-size families who have a considerable amount of food-related waste to get rid of.

These bins make it very convenient for you to process your waste: after disposing inside the bin, just spin the composter from its axis – and your compost becomes mixed and goes through aeration all at the same time. The best models of this kind of compost bin have two dedicated compartments – as you fill one compartment up with waste, the other compartment processes the waste that came before at the same time.

Another kind of compost bin for the outdoors is the lifetime dual composter. This compost bin is rather large, and is built from highly durable and highly dense ultraviolet ray-protected polyethylene (HDPE) material that takes in heat and keeps it in for the bin to process the waste into compost faster. This dual compost bin is built with two containers, that allow you to cycle through your composting much faster. This compost bin also features red and green light indicators to quickly inform you of which container is full at the moment, and which one is storing your day-to-day scraps. This composter bin is thoroughly smell-free, convenient to use, and is highly durable.

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