Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler Review

The ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner and it is up to us to play our part. It sounds like a difficult plan but you can actually reduce your carbon foot print at the comfort of your home. It is so easy once you get your own composter. Instead of throwing away your kitchen scraps or yard trimmings, just get a composter like the Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler. With this composter, you will turn your daily waste into farming gold in a short period of time. The composter has a number of top class features that makes it a priority when choosing a composter. Let’s check them out.

The ingenuity of the design

Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler

This outdoor tumbler composter has a cylinder-like shape. This shape is ideal when it comes to turning the waste in it. The Exaco Mr. Spin compost tumbler is separated at the center making it a dual compartment composter. This allows the user to start a new batch without it having to mix with the old batch.

The composter is weighted at the bottom and this weight helps in turning the mix. It also ensures that the door side stays up after you rotate your compost. The strong steel stand provides ample ground clearance to help keep off rodents and pests. The composter even has a sliding door. This door is ideal for keeping rain, pests and insects outside while managing to keep the stench and components inside the tumbler.

The top of the composter is colored green while the tank itself is black. This color variation helps the user to know where the lids are located during filling or emptying. These colors are good absorbents and retainers of heat. They ensure that the Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler has a warm temperature inside that’s optimum for speedy decomposition of the manure inside. The two lids also make sure you don’t mix the old batch with the new batch of compost. They are also efficient when loading or emptying the composter.

The structure of the composter has ingenious aeration holes drilled in. The vent holes are adjustable and play a great role in aeration of the mixture inside. Aeration is important in the quick decomposition of the materials in the composter.

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Strength and durability

The Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler is made in China with 100% recycled plastic. This material is very light weight but strong and durable. Plastic is a good conductor of heat and makes this composter very fast. The plastic is also virtually indestructible and can withstand high temperature and strong rains.

The stand the composter rests on is made of steel and painted green. Steel is very durable and sturdy and does not bend easily. The green color acts as an anti-corrosive for the metal making it rust proof and hence the durability of this composter.


One of the key functions of any composter is to reduce carbon emission by reducing the amount of trash we send to the land-fills. The Exaco Mr. Spin compost tumbler which has a capacity of 160 liters plays a vital role in reducing the garbage thrown out. It decomposes the waste from your kitchen and recycles it into high quality manure for farming or gardening. The fertilizer got from this is very good for producing organically grown crops that are healthier and full of nutrients.

The materials used to make the composter are 100% recycled. The plastic is transformed into something of great value instead of being dumped on the planet.

The Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler is one of the best composters to have It’s incorporation of unique features together with its superior design make it a cut above the rest.

Size and capacity

For an average family or a small scale farmer, the 160 liters capacity is quite impressive. It measures 26 inches in diameter, 28 inches in width and 37 inches in height. These measurements make the Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler about 10% bigger than its other competitors. It is however not bulky or too big and is ideal for a small yard. This size makes this composter just big enough to heat up yet small enough to stay out of site.

Easy to assemble, use and maintain

Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler

The Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler is not difficult to assemble and use, provided you have some skills with your hands. You will need to align 56 bolts using a normal screwdriver, which is, quite frankly, a lot. Thankfully, the instructional manual is easy to read and understand and even comes with additional composting tips.

The composter comes with a dual leg stand to rest upon and a separator to divide the middle as it is dual compartment. It only requires turning of the mixture every once in a short while. It is attached to the stand at the middle allowing it to rotate freely. This central shaft feature makes it easy to turn the mixture inside even while the composter is full.

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  • This composter is neither too big nor too small. Its size is ideal for recycling a substantial amount of waste into high quality top soil.
  • It is quite fast in decomposing the mixture inside.
  • The weighted bottom ensures the lids are always facing the top after spinning. It also helps in rotating the tumbler during turning.
  • Latch on double lids for quick filling and emptying of the composter. They also make it air tight and water proof.
  • Raised stand to keep out rodents and pests.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Has additional adjustable air vents for better aeration.
  • Double compartment system is ideal for two batches.


However every tide has its ebb. Despite all these top notch features, the Exaco Mr. Spin Compost tumbler has a few flaws that may prove challenging.

  • The separator for the two compartments is difficult to fix and not stable. It keeps coming off its designated place. This makes the composter only convenient to use as a single compartment.
  • Coming with over 50 screws and bolts and other movable parts, assembling this composter can be an uphill task for some people.
  • The double doors are very small and can’t fit a large shovel or pitch fork. Even when emptying the composter, you have to turn the whole thing upside down.
  • The vents leak at times, draining the nutrient rich compost tea.


A Final Word

You can purchase the Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler online or in retail outlets near you. Different sellers offer different packages including; after sale services, delivery upon purchase or discounts. Do not be left out, purchase one and start composting for a better and healthier future.

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The Exaco Mr. Spin Compost Tumbler isn't perfect, but no doubt that it would make an excellent addition to your backyard as you play your part in becoming more environmentally friendly.

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