Top 10 Best Outdoor Trash Bins 2021

The entire outdoor composting process begins with the selection of the right outdoor compost bins. The top 10 best outdoor compost bins reviewed below will give you a good idea of what to look out for if you have been considering getting a reliable outdoor compost system. Let’s check them out.

10. Suncast GHW1732 Resin Trash

Of all the manufacturers out there in the market, Suncast has never disappointed when it comes to the design of some of the best compost bins. The Suncast GHW1732 has been designed ideally for those with a serious devotion to keeping their environment clean and beautiful. This outdoor compost bin has not only been designed artistically to complement your backyard, but it has also been to meet the needs of even the most demanding residence. It has a capacity that will meet the needs of most residences ranging from small, medium, to large backyards.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when shopping for a compost bin is the capacity. The Suncast GHW1732 is quite huge. This is a must-have for those that love a well-kept and appealing environment. Its grey appearance blends well with any outdoor decor, has a durable construction that guarantees long term use.

9. Rubbermaid Commercial FG9W2773BLUE 50 Gallon Outdoor Bin

This trash can has been designed for those that would like to take their outdoor composting a notch higher. It is an ideal outdoor bin for all budgets. This functional waste bin will not only help keep your environment free of trash but it will also bring out the best of your outdoor décor. The design itself allude luxury and class. It comes with a molded-in catch bar that makes the outdoor compost bin compatible with both automated and semi-automated lift systems.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products 50 Gallon compost bin is made of heavy-duty polyethylene material which is light weight and durable. It is resistant to cracking and its inset wheels and integrated handles make it convenient to carry around. Furthermore, it has a hinged lid which opens fully and locks it perfectly.

8.United Solutions TB0010 34 Gallon Outdoor Compost Bin

If you desire a high quality and durable outdoor compost bin then look no further. The TB0010 34 gallon compost is a durable bin with some exceptional features. Few compost bins in the market can be hauled when collecting trash. This kit offers a lot of convenience and is highly versatile. You will definitely be impressed by it capacity of 20.75X18.875X35.25. It is sufficient to accommodate any kind of trash imaginable.

Some of the notable features of this outdoor compost bin include; 34-gallon capacity, hook and lock handle, in-built wheels, and a molded and durable plastic construction.

7. Suncast GH1732 Outdoor Trash Can

This is an excellent outdoor waste that stands out when it comes to ease of assembly. Other outdoor compost bins might take long but with this trash bin, you assemble the entire unit within 5 minutes. It is also quite interesting to note that all this is done without using any tool. Its signature stay-dry design also helps keep it dry even when it is raining.

The GH1732 outdoor compost bin is quite large. Its interior measures 13X13X26-3/4 inches. Its exterior measures 15-3/4X16X31-5/8 inches. This gives it a capacity of 30 to 33 gallons. This kit also features a latching lid that helps keep trash in the unit.

6. Toter 035564-R1CGR Outdoor Compost Bin

This massive 64 gallon outdoor compost bin lives up to Toter’s name. The manufacturer is well known for its excellent products, more so, high quality compost bins. The unit boasts with some unique features including; rugged wheels for convenient movement, an ergonomic design for maximum versatility, a comprehensive 10-year warranty, and an excellent finish.

5. Keter Pacific 30 Gallon Outdoor Resin Waste Basket         

This is the perfect compost bin for those looking for a sophisticated and reliable way of eliminating trash.  It comes fully-packed with some amazing features all geared towards enhancing functionality and performance. The unit comes with a hinged metallic lid that facilitates an easy access. Its overall color is brown and thus it blends well with any indoor or outdoor décor.

Other great features of this compost bin include; a bag tightening hole, weather-resistant construction and a removable liner that makes cleaning a breeze.

4. Keter Copenhagen 30 Gallon Outdoor Compost Bin

The 30-gallon brown trash can from Keter is one of the best outdoor compost bins in the market today. It is spacious enough to accommodate even the most demanding needs. Furthermore, you enjoy these benefits without compromising on style and appearance.

The slim and appealing design of this compost bin makes it compatible with most exterior layouts and décor. It also comes with a full-size lid that makes it easy to haul dozens of trash. The unit is even resistant to wear and tear thanks to its polypropylene resin construction.

3. Rubbermaid FG295673 Outdoor Compost Bin

This is a trash bin that comes with the recycling symbol. By procuring such a unit you portray that you are committed to environmental conservation efforts. It is ideal for organizations or places where there are existing accessories and office containers.

The FG295673 unit with the recycle symbol shows it is recyclable. Its plastic construction makes the unit durable and resistant to elements of nature. The blue color of the unit also makes it a perfect complement to any décor.

2. Rubbermaid 9W27YEL 50 Gal Yellow Outdoor Compost Bin

It goes without saying that a brand is very essential when it comes to the purchase of any product. Rubbermaid is one of the brands that have built a good reputation with buyers of composed bins. Its 9W27YEL 50 gallon outdoor compost bin stands out from the rest. It comes fully-packed with features that are geared towards enhancing the appearance of your yard.

It is yellow in color, has molded-in inset wheels and axle, and has a universal recycling symbol. Furthermore, its hinged lid is perfectly fitting for easy opening and closing.

1. Rubbermaid FG9W2773 50 Gallon Outdoor Compost Bin

This unit from Rubbermaid has been custom-built to cater for highly demanding needs. It is quite huge, measuring 36-1/2X28-1/2X23 inches. It is built with a polypropylene material that is light weight and durable. The hinged lid that is fitted on the unit ensures the unit opens fully and it locks it well.

Other defining features of the FG9W2773 include inset wheels and an integrated handle for convenient movement. This functional and convenient unit also blends well with any décor.

A Final Word

It is now so much easier to keep your environment clean and appealing, thanks to the outdoor compost bins above. These units are not only functional but they also blend perfectly with any type of décor. They also come in a wide variety of options to fit different budgets. You can therefore never run out of an option to choose.